Single Tooth Dental Implant

When you have a missing tooth, it’s always recommended to replace it with a dental implant. Unlike a conventional bridge, we do not need to trim two adjacent healthy teeth of yours to fix a 3 unit bridge. We only need to work in the empty space & your natural teeth surrounding it stay untouched.

The single tooth implant restoration consists of three parts. Namely, the implant screw which replaces the tooth root, the abutment which will support the crown and the prosthetic crown itself. The crown is either cemented onto the abutment or held in place with a screw.

Single implant can be done in many scenarios.

Missing Tooth From A Long Time (More Than 6 Months)

In case that case, if bone is good , we can do immediate placement & loading of implants. That means Implant + Crown done in about 7-10 days flat. We will use immediate loading implant & you can choose between porcelain fused to metal crown or Zirconia -metal free crown.

In case you wish to go for a conventional healing ones it needs a healing time for 5-6 months in the upper jaw & at least 3 months in the lower jaw. Only after the healing time, that we can place the crown/cap of your choice on top. Till that time, you may need a temporary tooth in the esthetic zone.

Immediate Extraction Or Recent Extraction Socket (Less Than 6 Months)

A lot of times, we can do Immediate Implants + Crowns. It needs proper assessment and only if bone is good, we can do the immediate loading of implants with Crowns. Sometimes, the front teeth implants needs special esthetic abutments to get the correct profile.