Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is the art of perfecting, or creating attractive and beautiful smiles, We at Sharda Dental hospital & aesthetic centre combine our expertise with experience of more than a decade in Creating Beautiful Smiles for people of all age groups and genders from all around the world.

We are well known for creating aesthetic and wonderful Smiles using Dental Veneers and full ceramic crowns, made of Empress Ceramics, or on a CAD CAM using Zirconia. Once the hallmark of the rich, and the famous, we have made this technology easily accessible to everyone. We use Smile design as reliable, efficient and quick modality to give you a perfect smile makeover.

What is Smile Analysis:

In a smile analysis your teeth, lips, gums and the smile are being aesthetically evaluated by experts using various aids such as software and their experience for shape, shade, position, color, relative lip contour and gum margins. The smile is also evaluated with reference to your facial structure

Procedures that comprise a complete smile makeover are:

1. Bleaching/ Teeth Whitening (to improve the shade): Bleaching / Teeth Whitening can be used to instantly change the shade of the teeth by as much as 5 shades.

Chairside Bleaching:
a. Pola Office©
b. ZOOM! © Bleaching
Home Bleaching: Custom made trays are used with bleach at home

2. Veneers:
What are Dental Veneers?
Dental Veneers are thin shells of ceramic that are glued on to the teeth. They can be effectively used to change the shape, shade, color and position of teeth. (Treatment duration – one visit or maximum upto 48 hours)

3. IMPLANTS for missing teeth
Dental Implants are titanium inserts that take the place of missing tooth roots. They are being firmly anchored into the jaw bone by a Implantologist on which a fixed or removable false teeth (prosthesis) can be attached ,which than look and function like a natural tooth.

They are covers for the tooth which can be either metallic ,metal-fused-ceramic or Zirconia which when glued restores the tooth to proper color, shape, form and function.

In case where implants can’t be done to replace missing teeth, We put a ‘Bridge’ of fixed crowns made of metal,ceramic or Zirconia which is is glued to teeth on either side of the missing tooth/teeth