Laser Dentistry

At Sharda Dental Hospital and Aesthetic Centre we are proud to be one of very few Dental Hospitals in India that offer the many benefits of aesthetic laser dentistry and it is increasingly becoming a popular choice for patients.

Depending on your treatment needs we will discuss both your suitability and the procedure with you in detail before he commences with any treatment planning.We will be than able to offer you appropriate solutions for your unique circumstances.

Our dentists are able to perform a wide variety of treatments that can be specially adapted to meet your individual requirements.

Laser therapy has many benefits for the patients.

It is a fast, pain free alternative to standard dental treatment, with quicker healing rates and lesser need for antibiotics.

Laser treatment also reduces the likelihood of further intervention which could prove costly for the patient. The treatment is delivered to the patient without the pressure, vibration and noise that some standard procedures are notoriously infamous for.

The Benefits Of Lasers In Aesthetic Dentistry

Lasers have multiple uses in Aesthetic Dentistry and comprehensive treatment planning and advantages include:

  • It is quick and painless
  • Little or nil local anesthesia needed
  • Minimum or nil post treatment discomfort
  • Minimise the need for stitches
  • Quicker healing of soft tissues
  • No vibrating sounds like a drill
  • Latest, safe and very effective

Some Of The Laser Treatment We Offer Include

Drill FREE Fillings
Laser therapy can be used for drill-free fillings and is a great alternative for adults and children that are apprehensive about injections. This method does not involve the use of needles, as there is no need for anaesthetic to be administered to the patient.

Treatment for Gum Disease
Tooth loss in adults mainly occurs as a result of gum disease. Laser therapy is hugely beneficial in the treatment of gums. This is because the energy from the laser kills the bacteria in the mouth, reducing the possibilities of further disease. The procedure is fast, pain-free, and safe, and will heal the gum pockets much more effectively than conventional treatment.

Gum lightening
Sometimes, people may find that their gums are beginning to look darkAlthough this does not cause any pain, many people feel like they have lost confidence because of it. The laser targets the pigments that cause the darkening of the gum area, and creates a lighter, more uniform colour of the gum. In this instance, we would use a local anesthetic, but the procedure itself takes only a few minutes.

Aesthetic Gum Contouring and Reshaping
Lasers are also a great way of correcting gummy smiles. Many people may find that they have an excess of gum on show when they smile, or that their gum lines are uneven. This particular procedure involves using lasers to reshape or lift the gum, and is beneficial to the patient because it is carried out quickly and painlessly. The end result is a symmetrical gum line and a confident smile.

Crown Lengthening
Similar to aesthetic gum contouring, Laser therapy is a great option for patients whose crowns appear worn down. Lasers are used to shape the gum so that the crowns appear lengthened, creating a bigger nicer smile without having to use a scalpel.

Removal of Painful Ulcers
Many people who suffer from ulcers resort to purchasing over-the-counter products. However, these treatments only offer a short-term solution, and sometimes the ulcer reappears just days after it has cleared. Laser treatment, on the other hand, is a faster solution to other treatments, with the procedure only taking a few seconds, and the effects last longer, meaning less chance of the ulcer reappearing after it has been removed. More generally, laser treatment can be used for biopsy purposes. If a patient were to find a suspicious lump in the mouth, then laser treatment is a fast, effective way of removing the abnormality. It can then be sent off to the laboratory for further investigations.

Quick and painless removal of any suspicious lumps in the mouth which are then sent to an pathological laboratory for investigation.

Removal of a Fraenum
Removal of a fraenum: this is a band of tissue that can cause a gap between teeth, cause recession of the gum at the neck of a tooth, and also contributes to “tongue ties”. It takes hardly 10 minutes to carry out this simple procedure, again without the need for a scalpel.

Treatment for Wisdom Tooth Problems
Many patients visit the practice complaining of pain from growing wisdom teeth. Laser therapy can allow dentists to perform a procedure wherein the flaps formed around the growing wisdom teeth are removed. The treatment also reduces any chance of later infection, thus preventing the likelihood of having to have the teeth removed.