Implant Supported Denture

It is the time to say goodbye to your old and loose dentures.

It is a denture that is anchored in place with help of dental implants instead of being supported only by gum or jaw bone. So in practical terms, no slipping of denture while you are eating or speaking.

It is a great option for people who just don't like the feel of carrying bulky dentures in their mouth and always struggling to balance it with their mouth muscles. Whereas a normal denture has to be replaced every 4-5 years, implant supported dentures requires less frequent replacement.

A simple denture was actually never meant to be a final treatment modality, however low cost and simplicity of the procedure had made it a preferred option for many people. However using such conventional denture comes with a lot of problems and most people are never fully satisfied with their dentures.

Benefits of implant supported dentures...

Implant supported denture is a hope for people in whom full arch replacement with Implant supported bridge cannot be done. However implant supported denture will still giveyou a reason to smile back confidently. The treatment duration with this procedure is lesser than the other methods. Benefits of an implant supported dentures clearly outweighs that of a traditional dentures because of:

  • Eating fully– It is easy to eat with these dentures as they do not loosen up and fall.
  • Speaking clearly– You are able to speak clearly as they do not loosen up and fall.
  • Smile confidently– You are able to smile confidently as they do not loosen up and fall.